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Hiring a Business Coach is by far, hands down, the best investment I have made in my business! Working with Sapna, my income has tripled my income. I never dreamed that would be possible! She nurtures women as both professionals and as a person and really encourages whole person concept to business.” ~Dr. Chelsea Vaughn | ATX Sleep Expert

Danee Aron-Bousaid, founder of Nutritional Rituals is a nutritional therapist based in Austin, Texas. She explains her experience with I Choose Bold Coaching for her private practice.

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Sapna Aggarwal, CPC, CELC, MBC

Get to know me, my philosophy and the significance of naming my business, “I Choose Bold”. Also, learn more about my professional & personal background.

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Connection & Community

I set out to make an impact based upon my core value of community & connection. I teach, coach and mentor based upon these principles. We are happier, stronger and fulfilled when we make a difference... together. In this day of digital culture, we are often living online more than we are offline. Think about the time an average person spends on social media, tagging, texting, email, and the like and you may be surprised how much time and energy is devoted to a virtual life. No wonder we are starving for connection, camaraderie, and community. I believe a phone call, face to face time are some of the ways we truly and deeply connect. Face to Face. Old-fashioned style. 

I should be happy but something is off.

I have what I want- the car, the career, the partner, the house and I am working long hours and hustling...but why isn’t it enough? Why do I not feel enough? I should be happy but I am not. I am unmotivated, burned out. I thought the career/business, money, success would fill the void. But it hasn’t. And I am lost.

You should be happy but something is missing....”

That’s a high performer who is hustling in an unaligned direction.

I had heard this story so many times and that’s what inspired me into action. To help women just like you to reflect, evaluate and design a life that is boldly you.

Let me help you discover the joyful and fulfilled life when you line up with intuition, authenticity and a meaningful life!

My Philosophy

I bring back the human factor back into business through business wisdom, mentoring, coaching and connecting people. My business, I Choose Bold, was born out of the concept that one needs to be bold to make choices which leads you to an authentic, successful and fulfilled life.

Clarity comes from a strong inner connection, intuitive alignment to your core values. Speaking from your core will differentiate you in marketing your business. I coach my clients to understand the empowerment behind personal responsibility, feedback vs failure, the role of obstacles, potential, inspired actions in both business and personal life. 

My clients offer hear me say the following: "Now what? Which direction do you want to go? Repeating the stories of the past will keep you stuck there. We know the strategies of the past didn't work. That's feedback. Let's choose new strategies that will create the outcome you desire. That’s your new personal reality. Your new personality.


LinkedIn, Networking & Branding

Networking, Personal Branding, & LinkedIn is a 3-hour workshop geared towards learning to network authentically.  Learn the Do's and Don'ts of networking online and offline and how to be authentic in your brand as you build your business or land the job of your dreams! Class is limited to a group of 6 to enhance the learning experience.

Small Business coaching & consulting

Small businesses have specific needs and challenges. As a coach and a consultant, I am able to help you from both perspectives to drive your sales and identify blocks that may be keeping you from your goals. 

individual transformational life evolution

I provide private 1:1 transformational life coaching for women of all ages. Single moms,  women transitioning from home to working outside the home, career changes, finding purpose and fulfillment, navigating through colleagues at a new job. I help guide and coach my clients gently yet firmly through personal and professional challenges so they are able to get unstuck.

business development & Marketing consulting

Learn how to develop YOUR brand and market it YOUR way so it feels authentic, aligned and passionate.  I help entrepreneurs, solopreneurs and consultants develop a clear purpose and vision for their business as well as marketing activities that bring the best ROI on their time and money.


Clients are talking....more client recommendations on my LinkedIn profile

I benefit greatly from Sapna’s teaching and coaching. My first exposure to her brilliance was attending a CEUevent she taught about the power of LinkedIn and how to best utilize it. I then attended a small workshop and received more practical tools and guidance. I put her advice into practice. Currently, I meet with her for 1:1 business coaching. Each time, I walk away with expanded ideas and new ways to tackle everything on my plate. She is a sounding board, an encourager, a voice of reason and wisdom. She deeply cares about people and I experienced her investment in me in various ways. I highly recommend Sapna for professional and personal growth.

Gina Kaye, M.Ed | Consultant for Trauma & Addiction | Educator | Speaker